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News   •   Mar 07, 2019 14:19 CET

Much can be, and has already been, said about corporate values; however, there is no denying that a company’s core values can be summed up as the essence of the company's identity. They provide both internal and external advantages, for example by motivating as well as by representing ideals and objectives, serving as a commitment to customers.

From internal values to customer satisfaction

Being the essence of our identity, naturally, our values are strongly reflected through the people that make up the business. In this article we take a closer look at Satair’s values and how they affect employees across regions and departments and ultimately what this means for our customers and business partners.

Putting action behind our words, and living up to the promise of our values is what sets Satair apart. It, too, is how we create values that not only resonate with our employees but also our customers, rather than being a collection of generic statements. Adoption of the company values is a prerequisite for success. According to Mandy Flesher, Head of Customer Order Desk, Americas, the Satair values are naturally engrained in her everyday work life, and are best promoted when employees embraces them, and lead by example.

Mandy Flesher, who has learned the importance of building strong and lasting customer relationships, continues: “In our advancing world, we cannot forget that our customers, both internal and external, are still human. Connecting with their emotions will bring forth satisfaction. Most importantly there is no “one size fits all” in this industry, every customer’s needs must be addressed” she adds.

Xie Chao, Product Support Specialist in Satair China, found that the values provided him with a general direction and understanding of the company when he was a newcomer. Furthermore, having been on the other side of the business, with a professional past in an airline served by Satair, Xie Chao understands the power of Customer & Supplier Focus and building strong relationships, noting that “It’s not enough to have the best product. We can only build our customers’ trust, if we solve each of our customers’ problems from their individual point of view.”

A lot has happened in the industry of aviation over the years - changes driven by technological advancements, knowledgeable and capable people, and forward-thinking ideas. With 30 years of experience within Satair Kim Jensen, Receiving Inspector at the Hazardous Materials warehouse in Copenhagen, is in many areas a source of great knowledge – one of the most important resources in Satair. He notes: “Having corporate values that inspire the sharing of information is essential in order to foster great teamwork“. Kim Jensen continues: “in the warehouse, a Can-Do-Attitude helps to promote smooth and effective teamwork and secures a high quality of work.“ He adds “knowing that a free flow of information is encouraged in the business is also useful for newcomers who may initially have many questions, but with the right learning can provide a new perspective on existing practices.

Adam Slade, Sales Development Manager in Satair USA, also holds the belief that information should be shared, and states: “Our constant communication and cooperation with our counterparts in Copenhagen and Singapore is a truly international effort that works quite well because we learn from one another’s experiences and share best practices.”

Bringing it all together

To Alp Aksu, Account Director in Satair Dubai, the values each constitute a gear in the big machine that is Satair, which keep our business running smoothly. “Naturally, they must all be catered to in order for us to deliver World-Class Excellence.” He especially recalls an example where he had to fly out for a customer visit at a day’s notice – successfully obtaining the right approvals and sales materials in time from colleagues in regions that were already out of office for the day proved not only to be a challenge, but in the end also a manifestation of Satair’s Can-Do-Attitude and Global Teamwork. Shu Hwee Lee, Director of Product Management in China, accordingly notes that: “Embracing the Satair values reminds us to take every work challenge positively, and always seek to find solutions with the right spirit.

Ultimately, bringing it all together, and living up to our promise of delivering the best solution for every customer is a joint effort by all our employees across regions and departments as well as our valuable collaboration with our valued customers and suppliers.

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