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Moving forward with the Satair brand

News   •   Nov 05, 2018 15:33 CET

In February 2018 at the Singapore Air Show Satair Group announced an adapted name change – to Satair – along with a new logo and brand identity.

The new Satair brand supports the three initiatives of ongoing and improving customer satisfaction, integration - which is now coming into place - and digitalisation which will become visible to our customers in early 2019.

When Satair Group was formed in 2014 it operated under the Satair Group brand via two different business channels - the Airbus Material and Supply Chain Services channel and the Satair OEM distribution business channel.

Since then a number of changes have been made to integrate aspects of the two channels, but full integration and a single point of contact - the main goal for the past year - is moving the business to one joint offering to customers.

The arrival of digitalisation, with a fully integrated e-commerce portal, will give added customer benefits and a further reason for a new strong united brand.

Reflecting the integrated one service offering to customers is the change of company name to Satair, removing the Group appendix.

With the move away from the two business channels, the old Satair Group red logo colour is replaced with black and a new, but subtly stylised, logo. This builds upon the 60-year accumulated brand value of the Satair legacy brand.

At the same time the addition of the endorsement text – ‘An Airbus services company’ – reflects the 45 years accumulated brand value of the Airbus Material business and the Airbus ownership of Satair.

This endorsement text is detached and standalone from the logo because, while it supports the proximity to Airbus and Satair’s role as the sole and authorised Material support and service provider, offering all Airbus spares and services for the entire lifecycle of any commercial Airbus aircraft right from entry into service, it also demonstrates the flexibility and agility of Satair as being a stand-alone company that serves all aircraft platforms.

Satair offers OEMs and customers everything from parts management to parts premium services as well as supply chain solutions for all types of aircraft. The move to a single point of contact and with a new revolutionary e-commerce portal will provide Satair with the opportunity to expand the scope of its activities to customers with mixed fleets.

So while it is vital that Satair continues a strong focus on supporting its current business, it has the ambition to become a much stronger aftermarket partner by solving customer supply chain issues of the future, multiplying its parts and services portfolio and becoming the preferred Tier 1 partner for material services and integrated solutions.

At the heart of everything is customer satisfaction, so at the same time the new brand is also a clear expression of how Satair is constantly pursuing the goal of making life easier for its customers by listening carefully to them and implementing higher support and service levels.

Airlines and MROs are continually looking to outsource the logistics and distribution of spare parts to specialist providers and true aftermarket integrators leaving them free to focus on their core businesses of flying and maintaining aircraft.

This is a powerful way forward for Satair with its strong confidence in the ability of the business to take on new opportunities. Satair is now putting itself in the top echelon of global aftermarket support.

The new brand reflects the strength of this proposition. Its creation this year was important to support the changes in Satair and to establish the brand in readiness for 2019 when all the new initiatives start to really come together.

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