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Upping the standard for standard parts

News   •   Feb 02, 2015 10:18 CET

Ian Dodgson, Head of Airbus Product Management for Satair Group said: “We are very enthusiastic about providing an EASA Form1 in response to customer requirements. The certificate guarantees that the part acquired is qualified by the Airbus Design Office, that it is meeting the Airbus Production Organisation Approval Standard and that its manufacturer is duly approved to build the part. By ordering from Satair Group you can be sure to get the best quality standard an aircraft manufacturer can provide.”

Standard parts conform to a specification that describes in detail how the part is designed: Airbus Company Standards are parts where Airbus owns the design, manufacturing specification, inspection data and marking requirements. Key characteristics of standard parts are scope and variety.

Usage varies between mover parts consumed in thousands per order to specific items manufactured for a dedicated application.

They are an essential component of the aerospace material market with an overall annual spend on the Airbus fleet of approximately 250-300 million US dollars per year.

Ian added: “Historically, Airbus had been reliant on distributors and manufacturers to serve this market. Three years ago we decided to open a sales channel again in response to the needs of airline and MRO customers. Our motivation is to complement the existing offer and this is in line with our objective to deliver the best aftermarket integration services possible.”

Steady growth has followed and the standard parts product line is now one of Satair Group’s youngest and fastest developing product lines managed by a dedicated team. “Parts scope is vital and is being ramped up. We have more than 10.000 parts in stock and in 2015 we will progressively increase our stock holdings parts by leveraging the global Airbus volume. In effect, we are industrialising the standard parts business so we can offer a better service to our customers.”

Major customers signing to agreements has been a key success factor. Through those agreements, customers access Satair Group prices and in return the business gets a better insight of needs to focus the ramp-up.

Airlines can use their known channels, procedures and existing accounts to access these standard parts quickly to ensure rapid delivery.

Ian concluded: “The value we offer is linked to our experience and service commitment. An order placed with Satair Group can draw on the benefits of production stock and technical expertise… a clear illustration of the Group’s “can-do” attitude."

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