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Marriage made in heaven

News   •   Feb 02, 2015 10:15 CET

Satair Group is a world leader in developing long-term partnerships with aerospace suppliers and this hugely beneficial business is vitally important to both parties. The Business Partner Development (BPD) programme is one of Satair Group’s major drivers for growth and now the Group is targeting new and potential suppliers, including Tier 1 OEMs.

Building and sustaining long-term supplier relations lies with the 4-strong BPD team at Copenhagen. Over 20 years this team has developed some 60 current partnerships with supplier OEMs covering a huge range of aircraft products, from sub-components to hydraulics; avionics to seats.

This strong business model has a proven track record based on the Satair legacy. Deep aftermarket integration expertise and global reach means that suppliers dramatically improve their aftermarket performance and Satair Group’s flexible approach means that benefits are more widespread.

Steen Karsbo, Vice-President Business Partner Development, explained: “Our business partners can optimise their supply chain management, increase sales and reduce operational costs. Some suppliers may want to market their product more efficiently, or extend their product support. Or maybe it is the stocking order fulfilment or shipping side of the business that could do with a boost. Satair Group can help as we offer all these services in a transparent, innovative and customised way to our business partners’ supply chain challenges.”

He added: “Most supplier partnership agreements start off with 3-5 year terms, and many remain in place for much longer- some of the agreements have been in place for up to 40 years. So while we seek new suppliers to partner with, we remain totally committed to developing the existing partnerships.”

A unique supplier benefit is the complete transparency approach offered by Satair Group. Through the agreement period, the day-to-day running is handled by dedicated product managers with a highly structured support network. A full suite of operational and market intelligence reports are issued at agreed intervals: order and inventory reports, delivery performance reports and customer highlight reports. In addition, new leads from Satair Group’s state-of-the-art CRM system are communicated to business partners. The Group believes that sharing business details openly enhances the relationship and ensures total alignment when partners agree on future strategies and goto-market approaches.

Other supplier benefits include reduced catalogue times, improved delivery performance and stable cash flows, while a predictable order pattern and long production lead times help to stabilise production flow. Zero spares inventory holding at the supplier means less working capital and due to Satair Group’s experienced sales force, there is stronger customer interface and improved sales.

Steen commented: “This unique service to our suppliers means we all benefit; we both get stronger together. And our aftermarket expertise means that suppliers can focus on core product development meaning they stay competitive in their chosen market.”

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