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H2 – Focus on Hamburg and HR

News   •   Feb 02, 2015 10:20 CET

1. How long has there been a Satair Group facility at Hamburg?

"We started in 1973 supporting the service entry of the Airbus A300 under the Airbus brand and name. This business became Airbus Material and Logistics Management until we created the Airbus subsidiary and stand-alone company Satair Group last year. We are close to Hamburg Airport for rapid shipment of spares worldwide; it is also the shared headquarters of Satair Group together with Copenhagen."

2. What are Satair Group´s main activities at Hamburg?

"This is the biggest site in Satair Group, with a 36,000 square metre parts and tools storage facility, 590 employees and 16 languages spoken. As well as spares and tools support, we offer other services - material planning and forecasting, a 24/7 customer order desk, key account managers, in-service fleet support and a responsive AOG desk. 320.000 customer orders are handled per year and our on-site support managers are located with our customers where needed, at their aircraft."

3. Hamburg has an interesting aerospace history?

"There has been an aircraft industry here since 1936 but the modern story starts with the foundation of Airbus in 1970. Today, in addition to Satair Group, Hamburg is also the headquarters of Airbus in Germany, employing some 15,000 people in the south of the city."

4. Tell us about the HR function

"Satair Group’s global functional organisation means our 15 colleagues are also organised globally. HR needs to ensure that we have the best aerospace and parts distribution skills in the world to serve our customers internationally. In this fast-changing industry, HR plays a leadership role in recruiting and developing talents from diverse backgrounds to make sure the right experience, competencies and personal qualities are in place to deliver world-class products and services to our customers.

We collaborate across sites ensuring consistent processes and common ways of working, but applied in ways that best suit local and regional sensitivities. Another aim is that all employees have an engaging work environment allowing growth according to their talents and competencies. HR aspires to be a role model for the Group in working together as an integrated team and promoting a ONE company spirit."

5. Describe living and working in Hamburg?

"As a Dutchman, I have lived abroad during the past 20 years and after having joined the Satair Group Hamburg office, it is rather like coming home. I really appreciate living in Hamburg with its Northern European trading culture and its tolerant, open and diverse people. ‘Hamburg is the door to the world’ is an old saying celebrating the important role that the harbour has played over the years. Today, through Satair Group and its backing from Airbus, that saying has new meaning. Trading, reliability, serving our customers, being open and diverse is equally a culture we cherish throughout the Group."

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