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Excellence Connected

News   •   Jun 23, 2015 15:55 CEST

Satair Group CEO Mikkel Bardram stated: “Describing our total offerings in a nutshell, we call it ‘excellence connected’. We do this because we integrate the entire aerospace value chain, connecting both ends of the aerospace aftermarket whilst committing to delivering excellence in everything we do.

This new portfolio illustrates our total corporate offering. Many stakeholders only know a fraction of what we do so we want to point out the complete range of services we offer,” he added.

Both customers and business partners will benefit from Satair Group’s expertise to minimise risk and maximise profitability.

OEM Business Partners are connected to the global aerospace aftermarket via Satair Group enabling them to optimise their position in the market through a sustainable and collaborative business model.

“For our OEM business partners we realise they have a choice of how they reach their market so we want to show them how we can help them ensure that their products reach their customers effectively and efficiently, helping to maintain and increase sales and, at the same time, make a sizeable reduction to operating costs”, said Mikkel.

For airline and MRO customers Satair Group offers a complete material management portfolio, supporting the entire lifecycle of any type of aircraft. “Many airlines and MROs are dealing with fragmented supply chains and this is not a core business for them” said Mikkel.

“As we supply many of them already they see our considerable supply chain experience, so we are a natural partner to take on that role. They want to work with us to develop this concept and create value for them, so they are looking to us to manage their supply chain, but they expect us to do it better than they can. Clearly that is what is expected of us.”

He added: “Market feedback is very strong. We have active discussions with several airlines to develop customised integrated aftermarket services for them. We are taking it step-by-step, collaborating with them to ensure that we can deliver what is expected. Once we have mastered the first couple of customers then we can scale up the business and competencies to expand. And we can do this across both Airbus and Boeing models.”

There is a wide range of services, products and support offerings to choose from. These include consumables, expendables and standard parts, Airbus proprietary parts and tools, modification kits and customised packages, as well as certified used parts and parts produced using new and innovative 3D printing technologies. Repair services, lease and exchange services for parts and tools and seminar training also feature.

Mikkel stated: “We offer a comprehensive service, but it’s in our nature to be very flexible. Our customers are all different, have different purchasing strategies and require customised solutions, so we make it easy for them. Our job is to ensure that behind the scenes we are efficient and flexible internally to manage their different requirements. As a final remark, I encourage all to click here to watch the video we have made to explain all of our offerings - on satair.com/portfolio – and to get a comprehensive overview of what Excellence Connected really means in practice.”

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