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Certified used parts keep aircraft flying

News   •   Jun 23, 2015 16:01 CEST

While continuing to develop innovative integrated solutions and services, Satair Group is also working to increase the availability of good-quality, certified used parts, helping to keep customer costs down. Already 70% of customers go to the used parts market, which has grown significantly.

Besides the obvious related cost savings over high quality serviceable parts there are other benefits of used parts, such as potentially quicker access. This can be vital when, for example, grounding an aircraft for just one day can cost an airline up to $500,000 USD.

Jörg Rissiek, Vice-President Corporate Strategy & Projects at Satair Group, explains: “The consequences of an AOG are more dramatic in civil aviation than in the automotive industry for example. A car is easier to replace than an A380, so we have to be even more reliable and innovative - and in the case of an AOG we need to be even more proactive.”

This was recently proven with a Satair Group customer in Asia who had an AOG and asked for a Duct Air Intake Assembly part, which was not available on the market for three weeks, at 4pm one Friday afternoon.

The Customer Order Desk supporting the AOG got in touch with Thibault Lebreux, Sales & Dismantling Manager of Satair Group’s Used Equipment and Component Management unit in Hamburg:

“I knew the part was installed on one of our aircraft at our partner facility TARMAC Aerosave in France. I called and asked them to dismantle the part and it was done in just two hours.”

He continues: “The part was sent to our Airbus approved repair shop, re-certified immediately and then shipped to arrive with the customer the following Monday morning. Had the AOG happened on a weekday, the delivery would have been within just 24 hours.”

Anne Willmer, Head of Used Equipment and Component Management at Satair Group, ends: “Airbus’ primary aim is to keep its aircraft flying, but we also want to offer an end-to-end life cycle solution for our customers to maximise residual value when their aircraft are no longer marketable. The message from our customers is clear; they want us to provide used parts. And we want to be the one-stop shop for our customers - across all platforms and for any kind of part needed, either new or used. By offering alternative solutions and used parts, we increase availability of good-quality, certified used, serviceable parts allowing our customers to control costs by not having to put brand-new material onto their aircraft.”

The Airbus customer order desk supports AOGs on a daily basis and almost 1.000 used parts are already sold alongside new parts on the Airbus portal.

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